Highlander Fanfiction by Black Rook

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Is the Earth round?

Methos and MacLeod repair their friendship after Horsemen affair with a little help of common acquaintance.Set shortly after events of Modern Prometeus.Gen, 4340 words.

Back in Wales.

During an ordinary trip across Wales Methos and MacLeod find an ancient Celtic monument, and another part of Methos past is revealed. Takes place several years after events of "Is the Earth round?", but can stand on it's own. Gen, 4250 words.

Deceiving the Curse.

It's 12 years after Bordeaux. Methos and Cassandra both have new lives, and now they meet unexpectedly under not regular circumstances.Gen, 2140 words.

The Autumnal Equinox.

Methos finally hears about death of Steven, Ceirdwyn's husband, and goes to comfort his old friend. Set shortly before "Chivalry" episode, based on events of "Take back the night". Gen, 2330 words.

The other reasons.

They say, Methos had 68 wives. And sometimes he had the strangest reasons to marry them. Just a little talking and remembering in the bar. Gen, 950 words.






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